Bus Swift

Fast and easy bus transportation for your daily commute

A system that simplifies bus ticket booking for your customers and streamlines your business operations with web and mobile applications

What makes us

stand out?

We are a team of highly skilled developers with expertise in the booking industry.

8 years in Industry

Industry experts with 8 years of experience

Fully customizable

Optimal flexibility tailored to your requirements

Delivery in 2 weeks

Fastest delivery without compromising quality

Owning a system

An 8-year history of seamless bus bookings

Our product


Stand out in the market with our product's unique features.

Passenger App

Tailored for passengers to book, manage reservations, and stay updated on real-time travel information for a seamless journey.

Operator App

The operator app streamlines schedules, manages bookings, and enhances real-time communication for efficient bus operations.

Agent App

The agent app helps agents assist passengers in booking tickets, receive real-time updates, and provide quick customer service.

Compatible with

web & mobile

Our system seamlessly caters to web and mobile platforms with distinct apps for passengers, operators, and agents -offering a tailored experience for each user role.

This feature expands the reach and usability of our application, making it accessible to a larger audience by enabling seamless usability across different platforms.


seat selection

Interactive Seating Charts

Our app simplifies seat selection with interactive charts, providing a clear bus layout for users to pick their preferred seat easily.

Filter and Sort Options

Users can quickly choose seats by applying smart filters and sorting options to personalize their selection.

Real-Time Seat Availability

Get real-time updates on seat availability, ensuring users have the latest information to make informed decisions for their journey.

"Seat selection"
"QR code"

Seamless onboarding with

QR code

Easy onboarding

QR codes replace traditional tickets, facilitating a smoother passenger onboarding process and saving time, ultimately resulting in operational efficiency.

Real-time status updates

Once passengers board using their QR codes, their status is automatically updated across the system and synchronized with the passenger app in real-time.

Streamlined check-in process

Get real-time updates on seat availability, ensuring users have the latest information to make informed decisions for their journey.

User-friendly app for


Simplify your operations with our user-friendly app.

Effortless booking

The app enables passengers to navigate, search, select, and book bus tickets within just a few taps.

Payment options of your choice

We integrate secure payment gateways, offering various payment options based on your preference.

Real-time updates

Passengers can receive real-time notifications for bookings, departures, and updates, staying informed at every step.

Personalized journey

Customize your travel for a seamless journey with personalized preferences and easy booking history access.