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"Sharon Express Bus"
Sharon express bus

Canada based bus booking system which allows you travelers to book tickets from anywhere anytime. 


An AI-Powered app that take hiquality picture and to assess the quality of grains, nuts, spices, and berries. 


A Real Estate CRM to make clients delighted on their special days by providing personalized solutions.

"Intern Hub"
Intern Hub

A platform that connects students and companies to provide meaningful internship opportunities.


Platform for online games like Chess, Checkers and Backgammon with real-time interactions through a video conference.


Platform for efficient and convenient bus ticket booking and management, ensuring a seamless experience for the customer.

"Speed Calculation App"
Speed calculation app

A mobile app that provides insight for athletic runners to improve their speed and areas of improvements.

"Fashion Feedback Collection App"
Fashion feedback collection app

Mobile app for fashion brands to collaborate more effectively. It allows users to gather feedbacks for designs. 


App that helps sales teams improve their performance by providing them with insights into their sales conversations. 


Gig Work Marketplace Mobile App that connects customers with service providers across various segments.

"E-commerce App "
E-commerce app 

A mobile app allows users to buy Digital Goods, such as Game cards, Gift cards, Virtual payment cards and more.


A Gamified Car Marketplace App Discover the latest car models in a simple and fun way!


A software that helps parcel delivery companies streamline their operations. It automates tasks and provides insights.

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