Mobile App with AI Integration

AI-Powered Grain Assessment Mobile App

GoMicro Assessor is an app that utilizes AI to assess the quality of grains. It takes high-resolution images of a sample and then uses AI models to analyze the image for quality checks and provide results. 

"AI-Powered Grain Assessment App"
"Patent-Pending Device"

About GoMicro

GoMicro is a deep tech company developing AI assessment solutions for the agri value chain, they are a successful startup with a patent-pending technology, headquartered in Australia and has branches in the United States and Singapore. Their phone-based AI assessment technology allows their customers to assess the quality of Grains, Fruits, Vegetables, and Seafood.

The client approached 3axislabs with a clear vision to develop a mobile app; “GoMicro Assessor'' and its backend, powered by their own cutting-edge AI model and patent-pending imaging technology while we were upgrading one of their mobile apps.


The main requirements expected to be fulfilled by our custom software solutions, as specified by the client's requirements.

GoMicro assessor's goal is to enable farmers and enterprises to asses the freshness and quality of grains by providing them with real-time data on the assessment of produce. Below are the main objectives of GoMicro, regarding their project.

Cross-platform mobile application development

Backend and API development

Automated AI model deployment

On demand support and maintenance


See how we crafted custom software solutions to fulfill the client's requirements.

  • 1 Project manager

  • 1 UI/UX Designer

  • 1 Mobile Developer

  • 1 Backend/DevOps Engineer

  • 1 QA Engineer

Key Technologies :
  • Python

  • TensorFlow

  • Flutter

  • Spring Boot

  • AWS EC2, S3, Cognito, DynamoDB

To achieve the above objectives, we began the process with a high-fidelity UI design in Figma which helped us to understand the Idea better and to visualize the user flows of the mobile app.

3axislabs was responsible for the UI design, Mobile app development, Backend development, and Integrating and Automating the AI model deployment, we divided the process into two phases to reduce the complexity of the project and deliver the MVP faster.

Phase - 1

In phase 1, our team developed the mobile application, the backend without the automation layer, and deployed the AI models manually, which helped us to ship the first phase of the project very quickly and focus on critical issues such as reducing the delays to get the AI model outputs faster and customizing the flutter camera plugin to take the images in the exact format the AI model requires. Once the first model was deployed, GoMicro was able to conduct the demos and collect feedback from their initial customers.

"GoMicro Assessor Mobile App"

Phase - 2

In phase 2, we built an automation layer to deploy the AI models and reduced the deployment time to 15 minutes from 1-2 days. This helped GoMicro to seamlessly onboard their high-value B2B customers who were waiting to use their product. Later, we added support for complex models and implemented value-added features such as customizing the result table for different types of AI models and sharing the AI assessment results in image format via the mobile share option. 


Witness the benefits gained by the client from our custom software solutions.

Our custom solutions helped GoMicro to achieve its goals and reach business values, let's have a look into the brief breakdown of how we helped GoMicro.

Faster time to market.

During the development phase, they already had nearly 10 customers interested in using their product. Therefore they had to launch the product in a short period to enable user onboarding. We helped them achieve this goal in one month, by prioritizing the essential features to create a functional MVP in the first phase of development.

Optimized the response time and automated deployment.

AI model response time was reduced from 2.5 to 1.5 minutes by tightly integrating the model with the backend application, serving the API via HTTP/2 with data compression, and automating the deployment of new AI models using EC2 APIs. These optimizations improved the user experience and allowed GoMicro to scale their AI operations.

High quality development at the most affordable cost.

Our team delivered them a high-quality solution at 1/3 development cost compared to the Australian market. As a startup, it helped them to build their product at an affordable cost.

Continuous support and maintenance on demand.

We closely worked with the GoMicro team whenever they needed support and maintenance, with utmost care and responsibility. This has helped them respond to their customer feedback quickly and adapt changes to the product & improve customer satisfaction.

In conclusion, we helped GoMicro to launch the product in a short period. GoMicro Assessor enables farmers and enterprises to assess the freshness and quality of grains throughout the supply chain which helps them to reduce the quality assessment time by automating the manual quality assessment process which is time-consuming and increases profitability.

"Sivam Krish"

3axislabs has helped us achieve all our objectives - delivering a high-quality app on schedule and on budget. Thanks to their good efforts, we have been able to develop and deploy the most accurate agricultural QC app

Sivam Krish

CEO & Co-Founder GoMicro

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