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Palatar is an online gaming platform developed for families and friends to play games such as chess, tic-tac-toe, checkers, and backgammon.

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About Palatar

Palatar is an online gaming platform developed, maintained, and owned by our client, Sentil, and deployed on AWS. The client initially required moving the current production environment on AWS to a staging environment, reconstructing the scattered and incomplete documentation file, and redeploying the project to the production environment. Sentil reached out to us for these specific requirements because he was unable to deploy the project himself on AWS due to the incomplete documentation provided by his previous development partner.


The main requirements expected to be fulfilled by our custom software solutions, as specified by the client.

The initial goal of Palatar was to deploy the newly developed code from the client to the cloud. Later, as the project scope expanded, we worked on other essential tasks which helped our client to successfully deploy and maintain the project. Let's have a look at the key objectives.

Deployment to the cloud

Performance optimization

Feature requirements and bug fixing

Refactoring the old code


See how we crafted custom software solutions to fulfill the client's requirements.

  • 2 Front-end Developers

  • 2 Fullstack Developers

Key Technologies:
  • Node.js, Express.js, MongoDB Atlas

  • ReactJS

  • REST, GraphQL

  • AWS Lambda, AppSync, CloudFormation, CloudBuild, Amplify, Amazon Cognito, Route 53, CloudFront

  • Google OAuth, Facebook Connect, Apple Login

Initially, our project team consisted of one full-stack developer and one front-end developer. As the project progressed, we expanded the team by adding another full-stack developer and a second front-end developer. Since the project was outsourced, all project management was handled by the client, and we did not have a dedicated project manager on our side. Additionally, we did not have a dedicated quality assurance engineer, so the developers assumed QA responsibilities alongside their development tasks.

For deployment, we utilized various AWS technologies to ensure a robust and scalable solution. We used AWS Lambda for serverless computing, API Gateway (REST) along with AppSync (GraphQL) for API management, CloudFormation for infrastructure as code, and Cloud Build for our CI/CD pipeline. For user management, we implemented AWS Cognito, while AWS Amplify was used for the front-end application. Route 53 handled routing. The client previously used React Snap for SEO optimization and to reduce loading times. Since it became obsolete, we replaced it with Prerender and utilized CloudFront as our CDN to ensure fast content delivery. Additionally, we integrated Jitsi for video call features, enabling players to see each other and chat while playing.

The front-end was developed using React, while the back end was built with Node.js and Express.js. We used MongoDB Atlas for the database and integrated Google, Facebook, and Apple login for user authentication.

After deployment, the client came up with additional requirements. These included optimizing API calls, assets, database connections, and caching. They also requested the development of some static pages, responsive bug fixes, improvements to the authentication flow, a user onboarding tour and instructions, and promotions within the games. Additionally, we worked on refactoring some old code by modularizing the back-end code and following best practices.


Witness the benefits gained by the client from our custom software solution.

We successfully delivered the expected outcomes for our client, meeting and exceeding their requirements. The following are the key impacts of our project:

Successful deployment on AWS

The client's primary goal of deploying the system on AWS was achieved, ensuring a robust, scalable, and secure cloud infrastructure.

Bug-free system

The platform's robust architecture and thorough testing resulted in a bug-free system, ensuring a smooth gaming experience for users.

Ease of maintenance

Our solutions improved the platform's maintainability, making it easier for the client to manage and update.

Added value

The platform's enhanced features and user experience led to increased user engagement and satisfaction, adding significant value to the client's business.

Multi-device support

The system supports multiple devices, ensuring accessibility and usability across different platforms.

Low latency and responsiveness:

The optimizations resulted in a low-latency and highly responsive system, enhancing user experience and performance.

In conclusion, our collaboration with the client on the Palatar project was a success. We effectively deployed the system on AWS, met all additional requirements, and delivered a robust, scalable, and user-friendly platform.

"Our Client - Sentil Krishna Pillai"

The 3axislabs team has expertly transformed our vision into reality, showcasing efficiency in software development skills, delivery, commitment, innovation throughout our collaboration and the significant positive impact they've made on Palatar 

Sentil Krishna Pillai

Founder, Palatar

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