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I am Kokulan, currently doing my internship at 3axislabs as a Quality Assurance Engineer. As a QA Engineer, testing the responsiveness of websites/ web applications is one of my crucial responsibilities, and I came across several applications and checked their responsiveness.

When it comes to checking the responsiveness of different devices, it is very expensive to buy all the devices for testing purposes. On the other hand, developer tools in browsers have a very limited range of features. Therefor, I started searching for a better option to finish my tasks effectively and found some tools online, such as Blisk, cross browser testing and Autify. But I found that Browser stack is the game changer in checking responsiveness with a vast range of devices and features. It made the responsiveness testing process easier with its unique features.

It helped me access different devices, browsers, and operating systems with the option to choose different versions of them, this made the testing process easy-peasy. Following are some unique features of the browser stack; 

  • GitHub's integration and bug reporting to GitHub. 
  • Device grouping options/custom preset of devices
  • Screen recording feature
  • Changing location details of user

One of the main drawbacks I face with BrowserStack is that it consumes more time while testing responsiveness, though this is tolerable compared to the features it offers. I was able to test different devices just like I test responsiveness on real devices.

BrowserStack offers 5 different subscriptions with subdivisions such as Live, Automate, Percy, App Live, and App Automate. I am currently using the Life subscription with Team subdivision, which fulfills my needs with the following features:

  • 5 users
  • Team Access to 20,000+ Real iOS & Android Devices
  • Collaborative Debugging & Testing with Mobile Development Tools
  • Increased Productivity with Integrations like Jira, Slack, GitHub & more
  • Geolocation Testing from 100+ Different Countries
  • Exclude Internal Traffic from Google Analytics

I am currently using BrowserStack to test responsiveness on different devices. For such purposes, this is one of the best tools I came across in my journey as a quality assurance engineer, and I recommend this tool to others who are looking for a better choice to check responsiveness. 

"Kokulan Thurairatnam"
Kokulan Thurairatnam

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