Frequently asked questions

What is custom software development by 3AxisLabs and how does it benefit my business?

Custom software development by 3AxisLabs involves a comprehensive process that includes requirements analysis, user experience design (wireframing, prototyping, hi-fidelity design), full-stack development, application testing, and maintenance support. This tailored approach ensures to create software solutions that are specifically designed for a unique set of users, functions, or organizations. Unlike conventional off-the-shelf software, this bespoke approach ensures that the final product is perfectly aligned with the specific needs and goals of your business.

What technologies does 3axislabs specialize in for custom software development?

At 3AxisLabs, we specialize in a wide range of technologies for custom software development, covering back-end, front-end, mobile, API, database, cloud, and DevOps. Our expertise spans from Java, Spring Boot, and Node.js for server-side solutions to React, Angular, and Vue for user interfaces, alongside Flutter and React Native for mobile apps. We also focus on secure and efficient data management with technologies like Oracle, MySQL, and MongoDB, and enhance performance and collaboration using AWS, Google Cloud, and Kubernetes. This diverse technology stack ensures tailored software solutions for your business needs.

How can I start a project with 3axislabs?

Please contact us through our website to initiate the process. It begins with scheduling a meeting to comprehensively understand your project needs, goals, and requirements. Subsequently, we'll provide a proposal, finalize the terms in an agreement, and then proceed with project initiation.

What information do I need to provide to start a project, and is there any technical knowledge required?

To initiate a project, please share your project vision, objectives, key functionalities, and any specific requirements or preferred technologies. This information helps us understand your needs and craft the best solution for you. No technical knowledge is needed on your part; our team is here to guide you through the process and handle the technical aspects

How long does a custom software project typically take?

The timeline varies based on project complexity, features, and integration needs. Generally, projects can span from several months to over a year, depending on the scope and specifications involved.

What's the average cost of a custom software project?

Costs can vary significantly based on the complexity of the project, the technology employed, and the experience level of the specialists involved, as well as the project duration. We offer a comprehensive quote following an initial consultation and a thorough analysis of requirements.

What methodologies do you use in your work?

We primarily utilize Agile methodologies in our work, an iterative approach focused on delivering value to customers through regular iterations and feedback cycles. This allows us to adapt to changing requirements, ensure transparency, and deliver high-quality results efficiently. Our team customizes our approach to fit the specific needs of each project, maintaining flexibility while prioritizing transparency and timely delivery.

How does 3axislabs handle project communication and updates?

At 3axislabs, we handle project communication and updates through a structured communication plan established at the project's outset. This includes regular updates, meetings, and the utilization of Jira for tracking progress and tasks. Additionally, we designate a dedicated point of contact to ensure seamless communication throughout the project lifecycle

What is your customer geography?

Our local expertise, combined with a global perspective, allows us to deliver high-quality, innovative solutions tailored to both local and international markets; our key markets are Canada, USA, Australia, Switzerland, London, Finland, Belgium, Denmark, Singapore and Sri Lanka.

What services does 3axislabs offer?

We specialize in AI-powered app development, full-stack development, mobile app development, cloud enablement, application testing, and more, tailored across industries like agritech, healthcare, ticket booking, telecommunication and real estate.

Can 3axislabs assist with developing a minimum viable product (MVP)?

Yes, we help startups and enterprises develop MVPs to validate their business concepts quickly and cost-effectively.

Can 3axislabs help if I have issues with my current software?

Absolutely! We can troubleshoot, enhance, or completely overhaul your existing system to meet current needs and future growth.

Do you provide support and maintenance for applications developed?

Yes, we offer comprehensive support and maintenance services including bug fixes, performance optimization, and feature updates, to ensure your application remains efficient and up-to-date.

Can you provide training for my team on the developed software?

Yes, we offer comprehensive training sessions to ensure your team is well-equipped to use and manage the software effectively.

Will you sign an NDA?

Yes, sure. If you want to sign an NDA, we are always ready to do so.

Where are you based?

Our office is located on the 2nd floor of the LIC Tower, Vembady Road, Jaffna, Sri Lanka, in close proximity to Vembady Girls' High School.

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