Cloud Enablement

Our cloud services span the entire cloud journey, from initial architecture planning to seamless operational support. our expertise extends to Google Clouds, AWS, and Azure, ensuring flexibility and scalability in your cloud endeavors along with GitHub actions, terraform, ansible, and more cloud technologies for cohesive cloud environment.



Unlock better productivity and faster software delivery through our focused DevOps services. The cloud has transformed DevOps into a reality, offering built-in support for continuous integration/continuous deployment (CI/CD), Telemetry, and Infrastructure provisioning. Experience a streamlined development lifecycle and enhanced collaboration across your teams with our cloud-centric DevOps solutions.


Supercharge your machine learning projects with our MLOps expertise. We seamlessly integrate machine learning with operations, facilitating collaboration between your data science and IT teams. our MLOps solutions streamline model deployment, monitoring, and management, utilizing industry best practices. Benefit from tailored CI/CD pipelines for swift experimentation and deployment, enhancing your machine learning initiatives in the cloud.


Latest projects we've done

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AI-Powered quality control for agriculture

An app that uses AI to assess the quality of grains, nuts, spices, and berries. It takes high-resolution images of a sample and then uses AI to analyze the images and identify defects.


online Gaming

AI-Powered sales team coach mobile app

App that helps sales teams improve their performance by providing them with insights into their sales conversations.


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