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BusSeat is a leading bus ticket booking platform in Sri Lanka, providing booking services for passengers from multiple bus operators. 

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About BusSeat

BusSeat.lk is a bus booking system that has been providing a hassle-free booking experience to Sri Lankan citizens since its establishment in 2016. The platform offers a comprehensive list of bus operators in Sri Lanka, allowing users to easily book and travel across the country. The client approached us to develop their system from ideation to the final product. With our support and maintenance, they have successfully operated and continued their services to date.


The main requirements expected to be fulfilled by our custom software solutions, as specified by the client's requirements.

BusSeat.lk aims to facilitate effortless online bus ticket booking for both Sri Lankan citizens and tourists, ensuring a hassle-free travel experience. To achieve this goal, the platform prioritized enhancing user experiences through unique features, with the following key objectives in mind:

UI/UX development

Web and mobile app development

Distinct apps for each user role

Building a scalable platform


Learn how we crafted custom software solutions to fulfill the client's requirements.

  • 1 Project Manager

  • 1 UI/UX Designer

  • 1 Mobile Developer

  • 1 Front-end Developer

  • 1 Back-end/DevOps Engineer

  • 1 QA Engineer

Key Technologies:
  • Figma

  • Java

  • Bootstrap, JavaScript

  • Flutter

  • PostgreSQL


  • Linode

BusSeat is a sophisticated system with extended features, serving as an aggregator for bus operators in Sri Lanka. Imagine a dedicated bus booking system developed for a single bus operator's company. Such a system would include essential features such as user management, bus management, route management, schedule management, and more. Similarly, BusSeat is designed to manage hundreds of bus operators, along with their agents and passengers, offering a comprehensive solution for the entire bus booking ecosystem

Phase 1 - UI/UX development and requirement gathering

We initiated the project by focusing on developing a high-fidelity UX/UI design using Figma. This stage involved close collaboration with the client to understand their vision and translate it into user-friendly designs. Our team meticulously gathered requirements to ensure that the platform would meet the needs of various user roles, including passengers, agents, and bus operators. This comprehensive design phase set the foundation for a seamless user experience.

Phase 2 - Web and mobile application development, role-specific apps, and admin dashboard

We developed the web application, followed by the mobile application, addressing the following features:

  • Secure logins for Admin, Operator, and Agent roles
  • Distinct mobile apps for Operator, and Agent roles
  • Comprehensive route and bus selection pane
  • Comprehensive seat selection pane
  • Booking confirmation and real-time notification
  • Operator management
  • Agent management
  • Bus crew/driver management
  • Bus management
  • Location management
  • Station management
  • Journey management
  • Schedule management
  • Booking management
  • Discounts
  • Cancellation policies
  • Booking cancellation and refund
  • Settlements
  • Wallets
  • Credits
  • Secure payment method
  • Report generation, including operator, journey, agent, route, payment instrument, and daily pickup reports.

Our team used Flutter for the mobile app and Bootstrap for the web interface to ensure consistency across different devices. We implemented a robust backend using Java and integrated NGINX for secure communication and data protection. A centralized admin dashboard was developed to empower administrators with the tools to manage bookings, monitor bus schedules, and analyze performance metrics.

Phase 3- Building a scalable platform, secure payment integration, and real-time notifications

Given the client's objective to accommodate a growing user base, we focused on building a scalable platform. We utilized PostgreSQL for robust data management and deployed the system on Linode to enhance performance and reliability. We integrated the secure payment gateway, Genie, which is an all-in-one payment acceptance solution that accepts payments from any card and any bank, enabling customers to have a wider reach. Genie supports payment methods including American Express, MasterCard, Visa, and eZ Cash. Additionally, we implemented real-time notifications via email and SMS.


Witness the benefits gained by the client from our custom software solutions.

Through our customized solutions, BusSeat.lk successfully introduced its product to the market and swiftly accomplished its objectives. Here are the key impacts of our solution:

Faster time to market

The expedited development of BusSeat’s MVP allowed for a quick market launch, enabling product validation and customer feedback collection.

Revolutionized the bus booking market

With its unique idea of bringing all private bus operators and agents into one umbrella, BusSeat.lk revolutionized the bus booking market.

Increased bookings & operational efficiency

The platform's ease of use increased bookings and improved efficiency for agents and operators.

Increased revenue

With higher bookings and operational efficiency, BusSeat.lk experienced increased revenue for both bus operators and the platform itself.

In summary, our assistance played a pivotal role in expediting the launch of BusSeat.lk's MVP, facilitating faster market entry. Subsequently, we constructed a comprehensive system and continued to provide ongoing maintenance and support.


This team built a robust digital platform for bus reservations entirely from scratch. The application not only met but exceeded expectations, efficiently handling a monthly volume of over 50,000 tickets with zero failures. 

Adil Mansoor

Director, BusSeat.lk

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