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Web Application Development

CRM for Real Estate Agents

iSHIFT is a web based SaaS tool that offers customer relationship management specifically tailored for real estate agents. 


About iSHIFT

iSHIFT is a personalized CRM software. A client from Canada approached us with an idea for a CRM in the ideation stage. iSHIFT's target audience includes real estate agents who seek to manage customer contacts, special occasions, and to-dos, ensuring a delightful customer relationship.

"About iSHIFT"


The key requirements expected to be fulfilled by our custom software solutions, as specified by the client's requirements.

iSHIFT is designed to be a comprehensive solution for real estate agents, helping them easily manage customer details. The platform includesinteractive features like data collection through customizable forms, enhancing the personalized experience for clients.

Business analysis

UI/UX design

Web app development

Building a scalable platform


See how we crafted custom software solutions to fulfill the client's requirements.

  • 1 Project Manager

  • 1 UI/UX Designer

  • 2 Front-end Developers

  • 1 Back-end Developer

  • 1 QA Engineer

Key Technologies:
  • Figma

  • Java, Spring Boot, PostgreSQL

  • ReactJS, Tailwind CSS

  • GraphQL

  • Google Cloud, Docker, Terraform, Ansible

  • Google OAuth, Facebook Connect, Let's Encrypt, NGINX

The project was completed in two stages: the first focused on business analysis, requirement gathering, UI/UX designing, and the second on development.

Phase - 1 (Requirement gathering and design)

The project initiation involved a meticulous examination of client requirements, business analysis for laying the groundwork for a streamlined development process. Utilizing Figma, version one designs and user flows were crafted, cross-referencing them with client requirements. This iterative approach, marked by constant feedback, facilitated the fine-tuning of designs and the precise definition of requirements.

Phase - 2 (Development ) 

In the second stage, we focused on essential elements in both frontend and backend areas. Key client requirements were effectively addressed through a robust tech stack and the dedication of our development team. The essential application requirements from the client included;

  • Secure and seamless sign-up and sign-in options 
  • Add, bulk import & export of client contacts
  • Customizable form with a Typeform-like experience and Google forms' features.
  • Real-time tracking of form status
  • Automated reminders for important dates
  • Distinct calendar views

In frontend development, ReactJS provided a dynamic and interactive interface, complemented by Tailwind CSS for modern design. A seamless sign-up experience was ensured with the use of Google’s OAuth and Facebook login, while the security of traditional email sign-up and login was maintained with NGINX acting as a reverse proxy to handle secure communication between the user's browser and the server. GraphQL seamlessly handled efficient data fetching and real-time updates while the backend powered by Postgres, Java, Spring Boot ensuring robust security, scalability, and seamless data management. SendGrid was employed to send automated email notifications.

After the successful development, the application was deployed on the Google Cloud Platform, with the utilization of Ansible for configuration management and deployment automation.


Witness the benefits our client gained from our custom software solutions.

Our custom solutions enabled iSHIFT to achieve its goals and reach its business values. Let's take a brief look at how we assisted iSHIFT.

Faster time to market

Since iSHIFT focused to develop a functional MVP with essential features we were able to deliver them the product faster, which helped them to go to market faster.

Product validation

With the functional MVP, iSHIFT was able to validate the product by collecting user feedback.

Personalized CRM solution

With its unique features such as comprehensive and customizable form and automated To-Do, iSHIFT was able to provide more personalized CRM solutions to its customers. Particularly its custom form enables its users to collect their customers’ preferences to maintain personalized customer relationships.

In conclusion, we assisted iSHIFT in swiftly launching and validating their product, simplifying Customer Relationship Management for real estate agents through unique features.

"Jeneevan Theivendran"

3axislabs played a pivotal role in the success of our iSHIFT project and provided invaluable guidance and support along the way. We're excited to continue our partnership in future projects. Thank you for your exceptional work and commitment.

Jeneevan Theivendran


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