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Bus Ticket Reservation Management System

Sharon Express, a Canadian coach bus operator, has approached us to build a bus booking and operations management system, as well as to develop a mobile app.

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About Sharon
Express Bus

SharonExpressBus is a coach bus operator located in Toronto, Canada. Having discovered that we have successfully built and have been operating a similar system for the past 8 years, they have reached out to us through our network to develop a web application to manage their operations and bus bookings. This comprehensive solution includes distinct apps tailored for passengers, drivers, and administrators.


The main requirements expected to be fulfilled by our custom software solutions, as specified by the client's requirements.

The objective of SharonExpressBus is to establish a comprehensive system for managing their bus operations and ticket bookings, coupled with the provision of an online platform for passengers to book tickets seamlessly.

Ticket booking website for passengers

Driver app development

Admin panel development

Building a scalable platform


Learn how we crafted custom software solutions to fulfill the client's requirements.

  • 1 Project Manager

  • 1 UI/UX Designer

  • 1 Mobile Developer

  • 1 Front-end Developer

  • 1 Back-end/DevOps Engineer

  • 1 QA Engineer

Key Technologies:
  • Figma

  • Java, Spring Boot, Postgres

  • JavaScript, Bootstrap


  • Flutter

  • AWS, Docker, Terraform, Ansible, NGINX, Let's Encrypt

Drawing on our extensive 8 years of experience in Travel and Online bus booking, we leveraged our prior knowledge to swiftly craft the solution efficiently. The process began with a team brainstorming session, involving designers, developers, and other key players, to define the project scope.

Phase - 1 (Requirement gathering and design)

The project initiation involved an in-depth analysis of client requirements to establish the foundation for a streamlined development process. Utilizing Figma design, we crafted user interface designs and user flows, cross-referencing them with client requirements helped us to gather client feedback and align with client requirements.

Phase - 2 (Development )

In the second stage, crucial components in both frontend and backend areas were addressed to meet key client requirements. The essential application requirements included:

  • Mobile & web compatibility
  • Comprehensive admin dashboard
  • Comprehensive route and bus selection pane
  • Comprehensive seat selection pane
  • Real-time notifications
  • Secure payment methods with preferred payment options
  • Cancellation and refund policy
  • Dedicated mobile app for drivers
  • QR code features

In frontend development, Thymeleaf and REST APIs were utilized to create a dynamic and interactive interface. NGINX acted as a reverse proxy, ensuring secure communication between the user's browser and the server, especially during sensitive actions like payment. The backend, powered by Java, Spring Boot and Postgres, ensured robust security, scalability, and seamless data management. We employed AWS Simple Email Service (SES) for efficient email delivery. In terms of secure payment methods, we integrated with Stripe, offering a range of payment options such as Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Elo, Discover, JCB, Diners Club and UnionPay. This integration ensured a secure and diverse set of payment choices for users.

After successful development, the application was deployed to AWS EC2, leveraging Ansible for configuration management. The inclusion of NGINX and Let's Encrypt contributed to a secure and efficient deployment. Additionally, an ongoing process involves Busbud API integration to broaden Sharon's reach and extend their customer base, exemplifying our commitment to continuous improvement and expansion of service offerings.


Witness the benefits gained by the client from our custom software solutions.

Our tailored solutions precisely met SharonExpressBus's requirements. Let's explore how our tailored solutions assisted them in achieving their business goals.

Improved operational efficiency

We streamlined SharonExpressBus's operations with our custom apps, replacing manual booking management. This reduced manpower and time consumption while enhancing data collection.

Increased ticket booking & revenue

Sharon’s dedicated bus booking website enabled passengers to book tickets online, which significantly improving bus booking, which resulting in increased revenue.

Enhanced Brand Visibility

The dedicated passenger ticket booking platform enhanced the brand visibility and allowed them to run paid advertisements on social media and Google to reach more customers for their business.

With our domain expertise in the ticket booking and travel industry, we efficiently delivered a robust application within a short timeframe without compromising quality. This accomplishment contributed to the achievement of SharonExpressBus's business goals, fostering a healthy customer relationship and ongoing support as needed.

"Sharon Express Bus"

This team built us a digital bus booking web application within three months. We are impressed with their attention to detail and product quality

Sairam Kanagarathinam

Director Sharon Express Bus

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