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A Platform Conneting Students with Internships

InternHub simplifies intern hiring in Sri Lanka, connecting students with companies for meaningful internship opportunities.

"About InternHub"

About InternHub

InternHub is a platform that connects students with companies to provide meaningful internship opportunities. It is easy to use for both students and companies, revolutionizing the intern hiring process by addressing the shortcomings of traditional methods with innovative ideas and streamlined workflows.


The main requirements expected to be fulfilled by our custom software solutions, as specified by InternHub's needs.

InternHub aims to streamline the intern hiring process, helping students and companies find their perfect match. The platform features sleek interfaces, data collection forms, and other essential components.

Business analysis

UI/UX design

Web app development

On going development & maintenance


Learn how we crafted custom software solutions to fulfill InternHub's requirements.

  • 1 Project Manager

  • 1 UI/UX Designer

  • 1 Mobile Developer

  • 1 Front-end Developer

  • 1 Back-end/DevOps Engineer

  • 1 QA Engineer

Key Technologies:
  • Figma

  • Java, Spring Boot, Postgres

  • Javascript, Bootstrap

  • ReactJS

  • GraphQL

  • AWS, Docker, Ansibile, NGINX

  • Google’s OAuth and Facebook Connect

The project was completed in two stages. The first stage focused on designing the user interfaces, ensuring all elements were intuitive and user-friendly. In the second stage, the development team built the web app, incorporating the designed interfaces and implementing essential functionalities. This approach allowed for a clear transition from concept to execution, ensuring each phase was thoroughly addressed.

Phase 1 - Requirement gathering & UI/UX development

The project began with an initial brainstorming session to generate ideas and outline the project's scope. This was followed by thorough market research and analysis to validate the concept and ensure its viability. A second brainstorming session was then held with the design team to finalize user interfaces and workflows based on the project requirements. The design team created low-fidelity UI prototypes to establish the basic structure and functionality, which were then refined into high-fidelity designs using Figma.

Phase 2 - Web application development

In the second stage, we focused on essential elements in both the frontend and backend areas. Key requirements were effectively addressed through a robust tech stack. The key requirements included:

  • Secure and seamless sign in and sign-up options
  • Admin portal and user portal
  • Internship publishing forms to get details from users
  • Course categories and field of studies
  • Dynamic pages to showcase open internships and universities
  • Admin dashboard
  • Blog section for SEO optimization
  • Course subscription and notifications for open internships

Frontend development utilized ReactJS for a dynamic and interactive interface, complemented by Bootstrap for a polished design. Seamless sign-up experiences were ensured with the integration of Google OAuth and Facebook login, while traditional email sign-up and login were secured with NGINX as a reverse proxy to handle secure communication between the user's browser and the server. GraphQL facilitated efficient data fetching and real-time updates.

The backend, powered by PostgreSQL, Java, and Spring Boot, ensured robust security, scalability, and seamless data management. Additionally, Amazon SMTP was used for sending emails, enhancing communication capabilities.

After successful development, the application was deployed on AWS, utilizing Ansible for configuration management and deployment automation.


Witness the benefits gained by InternHub from our custom software solutions.

Our custom solutions enabled InternHub to achieve its product development goals and swiftly launch the product to the market with the developed MVP.

Faster time to market

Since InternHub focused on developing a functional MVP with essential features, we delivered the product quickly, allowing InternHub to enter the market faster.

Enabling colloboration with institution

With the developed MVP, InternHub was able to collaborate with universities and companies to establish its core function of connecting students with companies.

Revolutionizing the intern hiring process

With a streamlined product specifically developed to serve students and companies in the intern hiring process, the platform is revolutionizing the process by addressing the shortcomings of traditional methods.

In conclusion, we helped InternHub swiftly launch and validate their product, simplifying the intern hiring process for students and companies with a cutting-edge and innovative solution.

"Our Client -Team InternHub "

3axislabs built the web application for InternHub swiftly. They delivered the MVP in 3 months, which helped us expedite the release to the market and successfully validate our system. We are currently working together to implement new features on our platform.

Team Intern Hub


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